How does this device work?

As a visitor of this blog, I’m pretty sure that you have heard of The MacGuffin Device. And I truly hope you’re familiar with the rapplicable skills of The Wordburglar. This post is all about his new vinyl record, aptly called The MacGuffin Device. Stay tuned, because there is a Joe connection.

Amazing art by Brian Sauer.

Both sides of the vinyl are packed with excellent beats and lyrics, check out the tracks below. And yes, kids, we had to turn over the LP when we wanted to listen to the full album.

Lyrilogical Side
Rhymelistical Side

Have you found the Joe link yet? (Spoiler at the bottom of this post). In any case, head over to bandcamp and check out Wordburglar’s full discography. Tell them I sent you and support him by getting some gear and sweet tracks.

Along with the full album vinyl record, as a backer from the get-go, I also received an exclusive mix-cd (yes, a genuinely hand-burned compact disc from the Wordburglair), with even more smooth beats, mixes and lyrilogical and rapplicable greatness.

It’s a Mix-tape on a CD! CD’s are back y’all!

That’s it for now. Go check out bandcamp for Wordburglar’s music if you haven’t already and see you back soon!

Happy Collecting and YoJoe!

Oh my God, they killed Ralph!

Happy New Year

Well 2013 didn’t bring any new Joes to my collection, sadly.

On an even sadder note, it seems that Hasbro is not responding to my question whether the new Retaliation toys will be released in Belgium when the movie is screened.

But things may be looking up, since we’re planning a trip to London next week and I’m quite positive I can find some there. If anyone can give me some tips or pointers, just leave a reply.

Also check out the TCG section on the site. Helping me complete my collection of TCG’s will be much appreciated 🙂

Remains to wish you all a very happy, healthy and G.I.Joe-filled 2013!

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