The Corps called into Action

Hi all,

I was planning on continuing the Impel Trading Cards series today in a new blog post but as I went shopping yesterday, something happened that I could hardly believe. Okay, maybe it wasn’t that dramatic, but seeing 3.75 inch figures in a store over here is kind of a big deal. Trust me. I look all the time. I’ve mentioned this before in several of the posts. There’s this local discounter chain called Action and they sell all kinds of stuff, from office supplies to cleaning products, tools, lights, candy and cookies, underwear, cutlery, painting supplies and of course toys. They don’t have a fixed product range, I guess they buy stock from companies going out of business or buy sleft over stock from wholesale. In any case, I’ve bought a lot from them, going from My Little Pony toys for my daughters over LEGO-compatible toys to complement my Kre-O’s and Disney Infinity figures. This time around though, they are selling The Corps figures (and a vehicle set, which I didn’t get initially).


The Corps! now has a series going of The Corps! vs The Curse!, a ruthless terrorist organisation determined to rule the world. Scratch that last sentence, there might be some copyright infriction 🙂 The figures aren’t as detailed as the ones we love, but there not fugly. If I ever start customizing, they might end up being used.


So I first got these 6 figures for about $ 2 each. A small price to pay for small soldiers around here. Maybe I’m just getting used to those ridiculous prices people are asking for Joes these days. I didn’t get the playsets, mainly because I don’t have room larger items right now and they don’t look that good. Naturally I went back after a few days and got them as well 🙂


The plan still is to create some form of dio when I finally get my Joes unboxed again. These will be great for that I guess. There’s a boat, piece of wall and cannon and the other set has an ATV, sandbags and drums and another cannon – both cannons have realistic light & sound… ahum.

Anyway, they may not be top of the line, but it’s so great to finally find some 3.75″ soldiers in stores here. Basically, shut up and take my money!

See you again next time. We’ll continue the Impel run then. YoJoe! Oh, cursed. The Corps!

Another intermezzo

The next post about the Impel Trading Cards will come soon, but today, I’ll show off The Corps! Beast Bomber. As I mentioned before, it’s next to impossible to find a toy store here that sells 1:18 scale military toys, let alone they would have G.I.Joe. The Corps! is probably the second best-known brand for 1:18 soldiers and vehicles, but over here, no stores sell them.


I bought the True Heroes C-130 a while back as a troop transport for my Joes and when I found out about the Beast Bomber on hisstank, I knew I needed to add this to my collection. There is a member there that created a very nice custom Joe plane out of this. It’s my goal to customize my C-130 and the Beast Bomber as well, but I’m not confident I can do as good a job on it. So I keep pushing the customizing ahead of me.


Back to the Best Bomber now. I was able to find it for an affordable price with Smyths, but they don’t ship to Belgium. I tweeted the question if someone in the UK could help me out and the guys from Action-Figure-Supplies were very kind in purchasing the Bomber and sending it to me in Belgium. I figured the plane would be a bit bigger than a Rattler, but I was slightly mistaken. The Beast Bomber is a genuine Beast and is the same size as the True Heroes C-130. Below is a shot of the Beast Bomber on top of the C-130. It´s not that easy to spot the C-130 below that Beast.img_20160927_192647

Here´s another view of these 2.


The pilot of the Beast Bomber is Condor. His file card tells he is an expert jet pilot and an ace dog fighter. And yet he gets to fly a huge bomber 🙂 The other figure packed with the plane is Troll. He´s an interrogation expert and master-at-arms. He´s a member of The Corps!´ nemesis, The Curse!. (Those marketing people sure like their exclamation points!)








Just now I realize I haven´t taken any pics of the figures themselves. You can see some of them in the pictures above. I guess there lies the weakness of The Corps!. The figures don´t have the same articulation as the Joes and the quality is just not there. I really like the vehicles and the storyline is ok (Good vs Bad, how wrong can it be?), but the figures are just pieces of plastic. I have to say, that the female characters do look better, so I´ll have to chase these down somewhere.

I´ll probably try and get some more of The Corps!. I hope some local store will start selling them. Check out the website if you haven´t done so already. Since Hasbro is not releasing a lot of new Joe toys, I´m glad to find some other 1:18 scale toys to combine with my Joes.

For now, Happy Collecting and YoJoe!