Is the typewriter mightier than the missile launcher?

I guess the time of pen and sword are behind us, although I still use a fountain pen for my daily work notes. Still, we keep on using the pen and sword metaphor. This week, we have arrived at Impel Trading Card #66, the man who can type faster than his shadow, Fast Draw.



I guess this guy is the Joe equivalent for Cobra’s Mr. Bang Bang (well technically, he’s an Iron Grenadier, so Destro’s private army, but he was employed by CC, so I’m counting him as a Cobra). The difference between these 2 rocket men, is that Fast Draw has hand controls for his missiles, where Metal Head (a.k.a. Number One – yes, that’s a Star Trek reference) is shouting like a complete idiot.

Enough about that, the figure (yes, just the one release again, although the club recently announced they are releasing an updated version in the FSS 8.0) was released in 1987. I honestly couldn’t tell you if I have the figure in my collection. I’m guessing I do, but since all of my Joes are still boxed up, there’s no way to be sure… I guess my entire collection is a bit like Schrodinger’s cat at the moment. I have something or I don’t, there’s really no certainty these days 🙂

The first appearance of Fast Draw in the comic books (Marvel run), is in #60 I believe, where he is part of the group of Law & Order, Lt. Falcon & Chuckles, who kidnap General Hawk whilst believing they are actually members of G.I. Joe. A bit of a filler issue, after that, the whole Borovia story starts to unfold, oh and – SPOILER ALERT – CC gets shot (issue #61, amazing cover art).

I don’t think Fast Draw gets any (explicit) action in the cartoons, he may be in the background somewhere, but I don’t recollect him at all.

A bit of a shorter post this time, but there just isn’t a lot I can say about this guy. If he were here, he probably would be able to talk some more about his clerk typing specialities, but I won’t go into that right now.

Next time, we’ll have another man (or is it woman nowadays?) with a lot of firepower on his/her back.

Until then, YoJoe and Happy Collecting!

Oh and Happy Mother’s Day to all our fantastic mothers who bought us our first Joes to play with!


Hi all,

just another update for now, I will get back to the Impel Trading Cards soon. If you really can’t wait, look through the history of the blog and check out the posts for cards #1 to #64.

For now, we have moved. The house is far from ready (still waiting for some walls to dry so we can put up new wallpaper and paint, we still need new stairs to the attic and a lot of small things to do), but we can live here without to much problems. And our old house is sold, so we don’t have much choice 🙂

The new stairs to the attic is the most important feature still to come for me. Once this is placed, I can start creating rooms on the attic and get my Man-Attic back. This also means that most of my collection will remain boxed for the better part of this year, maybe even until next year. Check back here for more updates soon. As I said above, I will however start making some time to get back on track with the review of the Impel Trading Cards. The next post should arrive this month, maybe even next week if all goes as planned.

I finally found the time to go to my local Comic Book Shop for the first time this year! Needless to say that I’ve been running behind with my Joe comics. Immediately got through ARAH issues 245 – 250. No spoilers from me, but believe me, it’s a great story and I can’t wait for #251.

Thanks for reading my blog and following me on Instagram and Twitter. Posts have been lacking, but trust me, I’m getting my act back together and will be more active again. Thanks for the support!

Happy Collecting and YOJOE!

A Revolution in Trading Cards

A while back I bought a Humble Bundle with IDW comics. They contained a lot of Transformers comics, but also some comics to introduce the different factions in the Revolution universe.

Thr comics were great, but there was also an extra incentive, a set of Revolution Trading Cards. They finally arrived this week and I must say that the artwork is really nice. The characters each get some sort of filecard on the back reminiscent of the Joe filecards. 

I’ll post some shots of the entire series below. I will probably discuss them in more detail in a later post.

Happy collecting and YoJoe!


I will still put posts online about the Impel Trading Cards (and in the future, about other trading cards – if all goes well), but I wanted to write something about the events of this week here in Belgium.

We’re all still coming to grips after the terror attacks in Brussels from Tuesday and maybe it’s my inner child and Joe fan that is talking here, but we really need a Joe team busting up the IS. I believe that no God or country is worth killing or dying for. We only have one world and we are all humans.

I could start quoting John Lennon, but there is a Flemish singer-songwriter who wrote something in the line of Imagine and I’ll just let his words speak for me (Translated from Dutch so the rhyme and rhythm is off).

You won’t find any virgins, nor spoons of gold

These holy scriptures are confusing and old

It is not written that any fool

may kill and abuse in the name of God

Because God is love and definitely not hate

There is no reason for abuse or a phony caliphate

It says so in both the Bible and the Qur’an

Without love, there is no heaven

I don’t care if you pray to God, Allah, Vishnu, the Flying Spaghetti Monster or you just believe in yourself. There are universal values that are found in any religion. We should respect these and – as humans – be bigger than religion or country.