A Revolution in Trading Cards

A while back I bought a Humble Bundle with IDW comics. They contained a lot of Transformers comics, but also some comics to introduce the different factions in the Revolution universe.

Thr comics were great, but there was also an extra incentive, a set of Revolution Trading Cards. They finally arrived this week and I must say that the artwork is really nice. The characters each get some sort of filecard on the back reminiscent of the Joe filecards. 

I’ll post some shots of the entire series below. I will probably discuss them in more detail in a later post.

Happy collecting and YoJoe!


I will still put posts online about the Impel Trading Cards (and in the future, about other trading cards – if all goes well), but I wanted to write something about the events of this week here in Belgium.

We’re all still coming to grips after the terror attacks in Brussels from Tuesday and maybe it’s my inner child and Joe fan that is talking here, but we really need a Joe team busting up the IS. I believe that no God or country is worth killing or dying for. We only have one world and we are all humans.

I could start quoting John Lennon, but there is a Flemish singer-songwriter who wrote something in the line of Imagine and I’ll just let his words speak for me (Translated from Dutch so the rhyme and rhythm is off).

You won’t find any virgins, nor spoons of gold

These holy scriptures are confusing and old

It is not written that any fool

may kill and abuse in the name of God

Because God is love and definitely not hate

There is no reason for abuse or a phony caliphate

It says so in both the Bible and the Qur’an

Without love, there is no heaven

I don’t care if you pray to God, Allah, Vishnu, the Flying Spaghetti Monster or you just believe in yourself. There are universal values that are found in any religion. We should respect these and – as humans – be bigger than religion or country.

Goint to try something new(ish)

A few years ago (when the USD-EUR exchange rate and the shipping costs were still favorable) I happened to purchase some G.I. Joe figures from a web shop I can’t remember. Anyway, while browsing for other bargains, I encountered the 2004 Wizard of the Coast’s G.I. Joe Trading Card Game Starter Pack and booster packs. Having played my share of Magic: The Gathering, I was drawn to the idea of playing a card game featuring the Joes and Cobra’s. So I ended up buying 2 Starter Packs and several booster packs, both from the first series and the Armored Strike Expansion Set. I still had my Ultra-Pro binder and inserts and soon my Magic cards were replaced by the G.I.Joe cards.


Naturally, I didn’t get the complete set of these cards with all the booster packs I ordered. See my other post on that if you have any lying around that need a new home 🙂 I have found that these cards loose are rather rare to find and that the asking prices can get very high ($ 50 for one card – seriously?). So I went back on a Google spree and I soon discovered that there were other Trading cards released and naturally my collector spirit came knocking and I was looking to buy what I could find…

The first full set of Trading Cards I was able to aquire for a decent amount, was the 1991 Impel set. I bought a full set through an eBayer, but upon arrival, it appeared that one card was not in the set. Card 132 (Dusty) to be precise. I asked the seller if this was correct and he sent me the missing card free of charge within one week! eBaying as it should be 🙂


I have recently been trying to expand my collection again (New Year’s resolutions and all) and completing my Trading Cards is high up on the priority list. I have purchased the 1987 Comic Images set and the 2013 Retaliation set (I know, Retaliation, but hey, I said I have a big collector spirit).

Okay, so after this somewhat long introduction… THE NEWS!

I will post and discuss all the Trading Cards I have in my collection, starting with the Impel set. I’ll launch a post about the cards about once a week, maybe more if this picks up some audience. So spread the word and follow my blog!


For now, happy collecting and YoJoe!

G.I. Joe Trading Cards update

I’ve been trying to complete my G.I. Joe Trading cards and have succeeded in buying a complete set of the 1994 30th Salute set.

They are now quite in place behind the complete 1991 Impel set 🙂

For the 2004 Wizards set, I’m still missing quite a few cards. I’ll list them here below, should you (or someone you know) have any lying around, just let me know and maybe we can make a deal.

Base Set
1 – Agent Faces
4 – Barbecue
12 – Duke
26 – Gung-Ho
30 – Lifeline
50 – Snake Eyes
67 – Blackout
68 – Cobra Commander
75 – Destro
106 – Storm Shadow

Armored Strike
1 – Ace
10 – Flint
14 – Hard Drive
18 – Nunchuck
23 – Shipwreck
27 – Wide Scope
29 – APC
30 – Brawler
31 – Desert Coyote
32 – Killer WHALE
34 – Night-Attack Chopper
35 – Patriot Grizzly
38 – Skystriker
40 – CLAWS Commander
46 – Copperhead
49 – Decimator
58 – Major Bludd
61 – Scrap-Iron
64 – Vypra
65 – Wild Weasel
66 – Zartan
67 – CAT II
69 – Crimson Command Copter
72 – HISS Tank
74 – Moray Hydrofoil
75 – Rattler


Happy Collecting and Yo Joe!