Small update

Hi all,

just a short post to keep you posted. The work on the new house is going slowly, it doesn’t help that we’re currently experiencing a short ice age over here as well šŸ™

All the tearing down should be done now, we can start rebuilding now. We have had some setbacks, but we shouldn’t have lost to much time so we are still on track for actually moving early April.

Most of my collection is still in boxes in the attic here, I have already moved some boxes to storage. The rest will have to be moved to the new attic or garage for the time being.

All my free time is now allocated to working in the new house. So it may be a while until the next real post is uploaded.

I did get something for my little girls… couldn’t resist. What do you think? Cute right?

Till the next time, Happy Collecting and YoJoe!

2018 – New Year’s Resolutions

Hi all,

let me wish you and your families all a Happy New Year. As any year, let’s hope some new Joes find their way to our collections!

Let’s look back at 2017 first. It was a good year for the site. I haven’t been able to post as much as I wanted to, but still, views and visits went up a lot compared to 2016. Thank you all for that. Without your support, it would be a whole lot harder to keep up posting stuff. As for my collection, 2017 brought some new items (cool flags – yes, one G there -, comic books, Funko Pop Destro, some bricks). Again not as much as I was planning back in January 2017, but some nice additions. Check out my Instagram page if you want to see cool pics of those. As a sneak peek, here are my #2017bestnine:

2018 promises to be quite a challenging year. We are moving to our new house, but there’s still a lot of work to do before we can move in. My entire collection will be boxed up (about 70% is already in boxes now) and will remain in boxes for a while until we can find the time and money to build rooms in the attic. I did briefly consider selling my collection, but I just can’t. It’s a part of who I am and it gives me a reason to write blog posts and maybe even stories again.

So now, here are my hopes/wishes/resolutions for 2018:

  • Make our new house a home for my family
  • Work on my health and fitness – the last half of 2017 has been painful for me, but I’ve started working on it and I feel positive changes are underway
  • Keep buying & reading the Joe comics (that will probably be all the expansion my collection will get in 2018)
  • Write more – not only more frequent blog posts, but also continue working on the novel/novella I have in my head

That’s about it I guess. Let me thank you all again for reading, visiting, following and liking. I’m not making any money on the blog, it’s just an outlet for me to talk about my collection. So the only appraisal I get for all of this is your support and feedback. Keep it coming in 2018 and as always…

Happy Collecting and YoJoe!


Moving on

Hi all —

It has been a while since the previous post, but a lot has happened since. My youngest daughter has been hospitalized, I’ve been caught by some virus myself and in the meantime, our house has been sold. Somewhere in between, Sinterklaas has come and brought a lot of pink toys to our house šŸ™‚

With the sale of our house finalized, we can start planning the actual moving. We’ll have to paint a lot and do some electrical work first. Then we need to put in stairs to the attic so that we can use that space as well. Although the new house will be bigger, I don’t have a dedicated Joe room available. The attic is just that, so it will be a while before I can get my Joes settled into their new environment. For now, they are being boxed up and they will remain boxed for a while… šŸ™

All the toys aside, I feel most sad that all my comics are in boxes. I don’t just see them as comic books, but most of the cover art is really ART. To see those white longboxes with all my beloved comics and TPB’s makes me feel sad.

Maybe it’s just the season as well. Dark times are here. It’s a time to celebrate with your family, but at moments like these, you do miss the people that aren’t around anymore.

2017 hasn’t been the greatest of years for me personally, for the blog, the year has been better… More on that in a future post where we look back on 2017 and make some plans for next year.


Till then, Happy Collecting and YoJoe!

All rise and bow for your leader!Ā 

I know you can’t rise and bow at the same time, but you really should to pay respects to the greatest charismatic leader of all time. True story. Ladies and gentlemen, the Impel Trading Card #32 features the astute leader Donald Trump… Seriously, we don’t know Cobra Commander’s real name, so it could be true.

Continuing on the Trump resemblance, he too had a brother that diedĀ through alcohol addiction (Fred – Crimson Guardsmen series link!). He too is a bit strange and not connected to the real world. He too wants power and respectĀ but is genuinely incapable as a leader. I could go on, but I don’t want to give him any more credit than he deserves. He isn’t half the bad guy genius CC is šŸ™‚

Cobra Commander has been in the comics since Issue #1 way back in 1982 where he kidnapped Dr. Adele Burkhart. Since then, every single one of his schemes has been thwartedĀ by the Joes – or his own underachieving minions. Later on in the Marvel run, we learn small tit-bits about the Commander’s past, but we never get the full story. Who is the man behind the mask? What was his life like before Dan was killed in the car crash that connected CC with Snake Eyes?

There is no doubt that he is a bad guy.Ā He’s psychopathic, murderous, plain evil. But still, on some level, I can sympathize with him. He was living the American DreamĀ but lost everything without being able to control the events that lead up to his breakdown. He blamed the government, the Big Money, the Corporations. Not to go all psychologist on you, but for some people, blaming others is easier than admitting to their own flaws and failures(or those of their loved ones). And when sh*t things happen you can’t control, who’s there to blame? Maybe history is repeating itself. Maybe Cobra is being (re-)founded as you are reading this.

In any case, let me get back on track here with the Cobra Commander figures that have been released over the years. Can you believe that 54 iterations of the man exist? My all-timeĀ favorite still is the first version in Cobra blue and with the battle helmet. He is still awol from my collection, though I have several later versions with the battle helmet.

My very first one was the 1984 v2 mail-in version. We had the Belgian fan club over here and they also organized the mail-ins. I’ll have to dig through some of my old papers that are still at my parents’ house, but I’m pretty sure I still have my membership card. I didn’t really like the hooded version. He seemed to skinny to be a good leader (now with CC that’s debatable of course). Next, I have the v4, with the reddish semi see-through helmet visor. Great looking figure with bright colors worthy of the glorious leader CC is. I liked that you could almost see who was behind the mask. I remember having the 12″ version of the Commander as well. He came with a removable hood and underneath was a bad-ass looking head sculpt, but also with half of his face still hidden behind bandana tied over his mouth and nose… I guess we will never see the real face of the Commander. Unless this is really it…

Next, I have the v4, with the reddish semi see-through helmet visor. Great looking figure with bright colors worthy of the glorious leader CC is. I liked that you could almost see who was behind the mask. I remember having the 12″ version of the Commander as well. He came with a removable hood and underneath was a bad-ass looking head sculpt, but also with half of his face still hidden behind bandana tied over his mouth and nose… I guess we will never see the real face of the Commander.

In the Sunbow cartoons, you can clearly see that CC is human, but there is one episode in which he is eating without the mask and Destro walks in on him and is repulsed by what he sees. There is no explanation given, but maybe they blended Snake Eyes’ deformities with CC or was this already setting us up for Cobra-La? Who knows.

Let me get this out of my system right now. As a movie, I like G.I.Joe the movie. As to the story and the whole Cobra-La thing, no thank you. I mean, the stories Larry Hama wrote as background for Cobra Commander and the Joes, are good. No not good, great, better than great, they are Literature people. That’s right, with capital L. Why would you want to change that and give us something like Cobra-La instead? Same goes for the live-action movies of late. They are not bad action films (I’ll let you decide if that means they’re good), but they are NOT G.I.Joe. IĀ don’t think it would have been that hard to translate the whole Hamaverse into a more current setting. Iraq or Afghanistan instead of Vietnam, a megalomaniac entrepreneur instead of a used car salesman (oh, there’s the D again). And lasers, definitely lasers šŸ™‚

Now back to G.I.Joe (tune).

The DIC cartoons take place after the story of the movie and we get CC back as (sort of) a human after the Baroness frees him from the life of being Serpentor’s pet. He then creates the Python Patrol (how many snake references can there still be made?) and takes Cobra back fromĀ Serpentor who gets turned into an iguana (is this G.I. Joe or Dora the Explorer?). Anyway, Cobra later joins forces with the Joes in battling against Headman and play a football match somehow… Who wrote these things anyway? Probably someone from Headman’s followers.

In the Renegades series, CC is an evil businessman (sounds familiar?) and Cobra is somewhat legit. Naturally, the man behind the unmasked man is a masked and disfigured madman, so Cobra Industries is just the bad guys we love to see. As with the movies, I don’t see this series as canon within the Hamaverse, but as far as stories go, I like it a lot.

Well, that’s it for now. I’m glad I finally found the time to finish this, I have had this asĀ a draft for weeks. Over a thousand words, sorry if I dragged it on too long, but it’s CC, he likes being talked about.

Next time, we’ll take a look at the … hold on, I’m getting a call. I’ll get back to you.

Happy collecting and YoJoe!