Moving on

Hi all —

It has been a while since the previous post, but a lot has happened since. My youngest daughter has been hospitalized, I’ve been caught by some virus myself and in the meantime, our house has been sold. Somewhere in between, Sinterklaas has come and brought a lot of pink toys to our house 🙂

With the sale of our house finalized, we can start planning the actual moving. We’ll have to paint a lot and do some electrical work first. Then we need to put in stairs to the attic so that we can use that space as well. Although the new house will be bigger, I don’t have a dedicated Joe room available. The attic is just that, so it will be a while before I can get my Joes settled into their new environment. For now, they are being boxed up and they will remain boxed for a while… 🙁

All the toys aside, I feel most sad that all my comics are in boxes. I don’t just see them as comic books, but most of the cover art is really ART. To see those white longboxes with all my beloved comics and TPB’s makes me feel sad.

Maybe it’s just the season as well. Dark times are here. It’s a time to celebrate with your family, but at moments like these, you do miss the people that aren’t around anymore.

2017 hasn’t been the greatest of years for me personally, for the blog, the year has been better… More on that in a future post where we look back on 2017 and make some plans for next year.


Till then, Happy Collecting and YoJoe!

Comic Book Update

The first G.I.Joe comic I ever read, was the Dutch Special Missions TPB #5. I was about 12 years and found the book in a bargain bin on the local Comic Con. Now when I say Comic Con, I mean more of a pop-up fair and shop in a giant tent where Belgian Comic Book artists came to sign their art once a year. My hometown – Middelkerke – is sort of famous for that Comic Fair. I´ll leave a link to their site here (Dutch only). Belgian (and by extension the European) Comic Books are different from the North America comics. Not just in size, but also the themes and drawing styles. Most famous is probably Tintin, but other series like Lucky Luke and Asterix are also known all over the world.

Back to G.I. Joe comics. After I bought that TPB #5, I went looking for the other ones. I soon found #6, and then a few years later, I found #3 in another bargain bin when a local Comic Book Shop closed and they sold of their entire stock. A few years later and thanks to eBay, I found issues 1 and 4 in the Netherlands. But TPB #2 was the elusive one. The white raven, the unattainable one.

Last week, I finally was able to track down the TPB #2 on a Dutch auction site. It was in great condition and only $7. Naturally, I didn´t have to think about it long and bought it on the spot. Fast Forward to today and enter the mailman. It´s here and my Speciale Opdrachten Omnibus collection is now complete. I haven´t read it yet (I have all the Special Missions in singles and in trades in English), but here´s some great art I want to share.

Maybe I´ll start looking for the single comics in Dutch now (there should be 19 of them)… Gotta keep collecting 😉

See you around again!

Happy Collecting and YoJoe!

Comic book update

I’m very pleased to tell you all that I have received the Marvel #144 and #152 comic book today. I was able to buy these for a reasonable price from

With these last 2 comics, I now have the entire Marvel A Real American Hero run complete.


Ever since FCB back in 2010, I’ve started seriously collecting the Joe comics. First the IDW run that started (including all the new runs they introduced), but I soon discovered the original Marvel run. I had a few TPB’s of Special Missions that were translated in Dutch from the nineties, but I never would have believed it was possible to collect the entire Marvel run here in Belgium.

Six years down the road, my comics collection has expanded well beyond the ARAH run, with also the Image and DDP comics, as well as most of the convention exclusives.

I think that on the next leg of my comics journey, I’ll try and find all the Dutch comics I can find. I already have 4 TPB’s as mentioned above, but I’m still missing one. So that will be the first one I need to find.

Next to the comics, I’ve also gotten my hands on several of the Find your fate books. It will be nice to have the complete set of those as well.

Plenty more to collect I guess. Better get to it 🙂

Happy collecting and YOJOE!