G.I. Mo?

As I’ve discussed on this blog many times before, I’m always on the lookout for the more “weirder” G.I. Joe stuff that is out there. Recently I came across an offer I couldn’t resist because of the rareness, and the fact that I have never seen this before. Let me present to you, 2 (out of 4) G.I. Joe comics that have been released in Arabic.

Arab style

These comics are to be read from right to left – as they are printed like that :-). They were released in the early to mid nineties. Issue one was printed in black and white. The other 3 issues were in color. The ones I got, are issues 2-3. They match up with the Marvel issues #128-129 I believe.

First pages

There’s not a lot I could find on these comics. The fact that I can’t read Arabic is part of that, but since it was just such a small series that got released – I wonder why there wasn’t an audience in the Arab world for A Real American Hero comic book series? Pardon the sarcasm. The comics were probably released in the East part of the Arab countries (Iraq through Egypt), because the numerals on the cover are used there, in the Western part, they use the numbers like us.

Facts and puzzles

There is a spread page with some interesting facts in each comic book. And near the end, there even is a crossword puzzle included (with the solution on the next page). There is also a lot of advertisements for other comic book series.

That’s all for now. See you soon. Until then, Happy Collecting and YoJoe!

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