The Eel has stranded

From what I’ve been reading and hearing it’s been quite difficult for some of the US collectors to find the Classified Series Cobra Eel. I was able to order one from Amazon(.com) when they popped up and it finally arrived here.

Cobra Eel

Whilst it was just recently announced that the EU Hasbro Pulse store will be shipping to Belgium (just in time to back the Dragonfly), this figure was not yet available and so I had to check the .com site of Amazon when they were announced. I was lucky enough to be able to order one and for around $45, it was delivered in a very clean box. It would seem that Amazon takes better care of their international shipped products than they do for domestically ones if I look at some of the horror packages some of the US collectors received.

The figure

The figure itself is a nice callback to the original O-ring figure with it’s red, grey and black colors.

Box art

As has been the case with so many of the Classified Series figures, the box art is on point yet again. We get a close up of a very mean looking Eel. I must say that I’m still in doubt about the new plastic free packaging. On the one hand, it’s a shame you don’t get to see the figure and the accessories when you look at the box, on the other hand, the box art does look great and really gets all the attention. I also like the smaller footprint of the boxes.

That’s all for now, keep following me on the socials and here because more is coming (sooner than later it would seem).

Happy Collecting and YoJoe!

4 thoughts on “The Eel has stranded”

  1. The Classified Joes are such an awesome Toyline. I had many Joes in my childhood …they were called Action Force here in Germany back in the days. Its such a pity that this brand is so small here in Germany and i think in Europe in general. Anyway iam collecting the Classifieds big time.


    1. Thanks for taking the time to visit the site! In Belgium and The Netherlands, they were released as G.I. Joe, I learned of Action Force on a trip to the UK with my family.
      With the expansion of Hasbro Pulse in the EU with them covering more of Europe now, I like to think that it will give a boost to the sales and improve the growth of the Fandom.

      1. Yeah i hope the same. Iam also on a German Blog but its focusing more on Motu. So the Entry of GI Joe is not so popular. A proper German or European Gi Joe Blog would be nice where people can post their Hauls or Collections but i guess its just not popular enough.
        Anyway i think over in the Netherlands Gi Joe was a bit more popular than in Germany in the 80th beginning 90th. We had relatives there and on my visits i always got some Joes there 🙂

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