You know you’ve made it when they call you cargo…

According to the dictionary, our featured Joe’s nickname means, the part of a vehicle’s load, especially an aircraft’s, from which revenue is derived. Still, not the worst codename in the team, Hit and Run anyone? Anyway, here’s Impel Trading Card #63, Payload.

While Snake-Eyes is throwing knives at a giant wheel that has Scarlett bound to it and standing on top of Blind Master’s shoulders who himself is balancing on a large ball while juggling with working chainsaws, Payload is in a space fight with Fred VII over some spy satellites. I guess it was one of the few times Cobra actually scored a win. They destroyed the spy satellites – so they couldn’t pick up on the Terror Dromes –  and crippled the Joe’s Defiant space shuttle.

There have been 5 figures released bearing the Payload name. The first one released in 1987 with the massive Defiant Space Vehicle Complex. v2 was a repaint of that first figure and came with the 1989 Crusader Space Shuttle. The next 3 figures were released in quick succession, in 1993 and 1994, as part of the Star Brigade subteam. All 3 being just a repaint of the same mold (used before as the Eco-Warriors’ Barbecue figure).

Next time we’re going back into the deep… a dive down memory lane to January 22 of this year as well 🙂

Happy Collecting and YoJoe!

That ain´t football

This week we have arrived at Impel Trading Card #29. One of my favourite figures of all time. Ladies (there are some of you reading this right?) and Gents, I present you Captain Grid-Iron (or Gridiron).

Released as a figure in 1990, only one version of the figure has ever been released. He came with a lot of accessories, but the coolest thing about the figure are his football shaped grenades. His codename is written as Grid-Iron on the filecard, but on the Trading Card they wrote it without the hyphen.

In the Marvel Comics, he is seen in just one comic. The Devil´s Due run has him featuring on the cover of issue #25. Most people will remember Grid-Iron from his appearances in the DIC cartoon series. He is in charge of the team in absence of Hawk and Sgt. Slaughter. The most memorable episode is the one in which the Joes play a football match against Cobra… Genius, right. (See Youtube). On the subject of football, you can´t really call that game football now can you? A few weeks ago, the same discussion was shown in The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime. In Europe, we have a whole different opinion on what football (what the Americans like to call soccer) is.

I looked over the whole football difference, for me, Captain Grid-Iron was a cool figure, with a lot of accessories. Every Joe collector should definitely have this figure in his/her collection.

Until next time! We may have to take a detour then…

Happy Collecting and YoJoe!

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