Who’s a nice little wolf?

It has been a while since I added something new to my collection. Today, the mailman arrived with a small package from our friends at Funko.

Snake Eyes with Timber

It’s the Funko.com Exclusive Snake Eyes figure with Timber. The figure is modeled after the 1985 v2 Snake Eyes figure, with the slitted visor and the grey and black. The Timber wolf companion is just too cute.

Let me share some of the other art work on the box. On the side, you get a full frontal view of the 2 figures.

The side of the box

On the back, there is an overview of the other figures that will be released later this summer. Scarlett, The Baroness, another Snake Eyes (the classic look with the goggles and web gear) and Storm Shadow (the 1988 v2 digital camo version!).

The back of the box shows a checklist of the other figures.

That’s it for now.

Happy Collecting and YoJoe!

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