50 (or 51 actually)

No the 50 does not reflect my age 🙂 The last post I did, was actually the 50th post on this blog. So this is effectively the 51st post and a celebration of the previous 50 writings.

Feel free to check them out!

Now this shouldn’t just be about the 50 posts. I also have some great new additions to my collection. This weekend I was on a short city trip to Haarlem and Amsterdam. We also blitzed into The Hague as well, but only for a few hours. I wasn’t hoping for much, but imagine my surprise when I found a second-hand toy store above a popular concept store in Haarlem. The concept store Meneer Paprika occupies the ground floor of a big space in the center of Haarlem and they rent out part of the ground floor to a bike store, part of the first floor to the vintage curators and the second part of that first floor to the ToyBoys.

They have a big collection of toys from Action Man to Yu-gi-Oh over Star Wars and Star Trek and of course G.I. Joe. They also sell comics, games and other merchandise and have their own Youtube channel. They ship worldwide, so check out their site and maybe you could find the missing piece(s) of your collection.

Their web shop has lots more to offer than the store itself, but I was able to score some new Joes for my collection. Pictures are below.





That’s it for now. See you at post 52 in a short while.

Happy Collecting and YoJoe!

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