Time for a POPping lunch!

Just a few weeks ago, I posted an update on the latest Funko Pops I added to my collection. This time around, I can show you some more new ones. The GameStop exclusive lunch box with Duke and Cobra Commander have arrived!

The Transformers’ side of the lunch box, nice, but you’re not here to look at this, right?

The lunch box is really nice. Very bright colors and lovely artwork. I was a bit afraid that the international transport would damage it, but it arrived in pristine condition.

More Transformers on the side… When are the Joes coming?

The box has 2 themes, two sides for the Transformers, two sides for G.I. Joe. You’ve already seen the Transformers’ sides, get ready for the Joe sides of the lunchbox.

The front of the lunchbox

Ain’t she a beauty? The A.W.E. striker in all it’s original box art glory! Crankcase at the wheel, Gung-Ho riding and wielding a shotgun and Dusty hanging on for dear life on the side.

The G.I. Joe side of the lunchbox

On the sides, we get Duke, Shipwreck and Zartan. Nice characters, but the link between them and the box is missing. Sure, they all got a Funko Pop figure made (Zartan even has a chase figure), but other than that… why put them on this lunchbox? The theme is heroes vs villains and contains Optimus Prime or Duke for the good guys and Megatron or Cobra Commander for the bad guys. Both the Transformers are on the side of the lunchbox. Why is good old CC left out and being replaced by Zartan? Strange design choices.

The top of the box

The top of the lunchbox is displaying both the G.I. Joe and Transformers logo flanking the bright red handle. The colored bands around the logo’s match those from the big images on the front and sides which is a nice design touch.

The bottom of the lunchbox

Okay, this isn’t the most interesting shot, but hey, I’m just glad I can show off this lunchbox that I’m picturing it from all sides. The bottom is printed with some legal information about the brands and a ‘Made in China’ sticker.

Now let’s take a look on what’s inside this beauty.

First off, there are 4 buttons, one for each of the heroes and villains. Next, you get a very nice Cobra logo keychain. And finally, there’s also a G.I. Joe logo decal sticker included. While these are all very nice, the Funko Pops are the real attraction here, so let’s take a closer look at them.

The goodies inside.

This is Cobra Commander.

Cobra Commander Funko pop #47

This is the third Funko Pop figure of the big snake. The #44 shows him in his Battle Helmet as well, but with a silver pistol. The #46 (Bait Exclusive) shows him with his cloak. I’ll put a comparison below.

As you can see, each time, there are some differences to the color and the design of the figure. And enough reason for collectors to buy them. There is actually another Cobra Commander out there in Funko Pop land, the #47 Freddy Funko in Cobra Commander style. This one is extremely rare (limited to 400, 2016 SDCC) and is on my radar, just not in my budget for now.

The second Pop in the lunchbox is that one of Duke.

Funko Pop First Sergeant Duke

Blond hair, green pants, tan shirt, green belt. It’s classic Duke.


I’m surprised it took so long before we got a Duke figure. He is one of the popular figures and a leader of the G.I. Joe team, still, they released Shipwreck, Leatherneck and Beach Head before him. I guess, he only got introduced in the comics after a while (way back in issue #22) as well. Together with Roadblock, who got a Pop before him too.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ve got some more toys incoming soon, be sure to keep following on the Socials and stay up to speed. Any feedback is welcome through commenting here or over on Twitter or Instagram. You can also send an email if you have feedback, questions, praise or remarks.

Happy Collecting and YoJoe!

The tale of the well-traveled Mr. Sneeden

Last year, Funko released the G.I. Joe Beach Head figure as an NYCC Exclusive. At first, it looked like it would be very hard to find one over here in Europe. After searching for a while and debating with myself just how much money I was going to spend on him, I found one on eBay for a very reasonable price, $30 including shipping to Belgium. All the others I had come across were either cheap but with expensive shipping costs or they asked already more than $30 for just the figures. So, I didn’t doubt long and bought it. Paid with PayPal. Friendly contact with the seller. So far so good. And then started the waiting game. 

I waited a long time, but suddenly I got contacted through Facebook Messenger by some guy from Norway. He sent me pictures of the Beach Head Funko pop, papers with my name and address on them, and accused me of trying to rip him off. I explained that I did buy the figure on eBay, that my data was correct, but that the tracking information I got from eBay was still showing my figure in transit. We soon discovered that we both ordered from the same seller, and that most likely the packages got mixed up. The confirmation for that arrived a few days later, when I received ‘my package’. It contained the Norwegian’s Star Wars figure. 

I contacted the seller and he remained friendly and was quite upset with the mixup. He only had 2 international sales and it just happened to be these 2 that got messed up. He told me not to worry and just file for  a return through eBay. There the trouble started. There was no way that I could initiate a return shipping other than sending it back on my own initiative and cost. The seller tried to get it initiated, but couldn’t make it happen as well. I then contacted the eBay Customer Support. I must say, they were quite helpful and quite timely to reply. They told me that because it was an international sale, no returns could be initiated from eBay itself and I would have to arrange it through PayPal. So, I launched an inquiry with PayPal. Meanwhile, the Norwegian guy and I had come to an agreement, we’d ship the packages between us, if the seller would pay for the fees. We never heard back from the seller on that offer. And after escalating with PayPal Support, we got our money back in full. We could start the exchange ourselves.

I tried to register the parcel with our Belgian Postal Service, but they were asking $44 to ship the package to Norway! I wasn’t going to pay that much for the Funko Pop figure, and so I looked at other shipping providers. DHL, DPD, several others, they all charged more than that. It was insane. Since we don’t live that far from the border with The Netherlands, I thought to look with their PostNL. They offered the shipping for just $23. So I risked it – technically all non-essential travel outside of Belgium is still discouraged – and drove to the nearest Dutch post office. I filled in a few forms, paid the fee and the package was on it’s way to Norway. Due to the pandemic, shipping times are longer, but just a few days later, I received my Funko Pop figure and another few days and the Star Wars figure landed in Norway. Happy Ending 🙂

Let me end this post with some pictures of the Beach Head Funko Pop figure. I won’t go into another Belgian Post rant. Believe me, I want to, but I’m not going to. Enjoy the pictures.

Happy Collecting and YoJoe!

Play that Funko music, Metal boy!

I’ve been blessed with the best colleagues in the world. One of my North American colleagues had bought this shiny Funko and another colleague brought it back with him to Belgium (in exchange for some Belgian chocolate ?)

I have to say it’s a lot shinier than I thought it would be, but it’s great to have Destro as an addition to my collection. Now I’ve got all the G.I.JOE (& Cobra) Funko Pops that are released.

Snake-Eyes and Roadblock are getting outnumbered though, with 2 CC’s and 2 SS’s, and now Destro hogging all the shelf space for Cobra.

Happy Collecting and YOJOE!