Kre-o landed in Belgium

Hi all,

I’ve had some trouble getting the G.I. Joe kre-o sets in Belgium, but eventually I succeeded in getting all the sets. If anybody can help me get the bagged kreons… just post a reply or send me a mail or a tweet 🙂

Bitten by the building bug, I’ve been looking at other (building) toys to add to my G.I. Joe collection. The first obvious choice is LEGO, but I didn’t really find something that would fit. So the second brand is Kre-O itself. The Transformers sets are pretty cool, but I’m not into that reality, so my choice fell on the Kre-O Battleship sets. I had been looking around, but the prices were still quite high (min. €20 – $26 per box). But then… I walked into my local Action store (it’s a store that sells office supplies, kitchen aid tools, toys, food, … you name it, they probably have it) and I browsed past the toys section (they once had some Joes on sale). My eyes fell on these sets:

Chopper Air Assault Stryker


Each of these were on sale for a little €6 ($ 7.5)! They will make a great addition to my collection. The aliens are not exactly B.A.T.’s, but hey, the vehicles are quite cool and the generic humans can be used as Greenshirts 🙂

All I need to do know is get them build and find a place to create a great dio or display… Keep you posted!

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