It’s all so quiet…

While the last few weeks had been packed with new toys coming my way, it has been very calm these last few days. Sure, I pre-ordered the new Funko Pops (Leatherneck and Dr. Mindbender) and there are still some Classified and Retro Line figures that I have pre-ordered as well, but it all seems to have calmed down for now. Naturally, in a few hours, Habro Pulse is going live and lots of new and exciting toys will be announced. I’ll try and watch it, or watch it later when I can. December is traditionally a very expensive month with gifts and this year, we have the extra cost of putting a new roof on our house. If you have been reading along with the blog, you’ll know that we moved 2 years ago and that we’re building 2 new rooms on the attic. One for my daughter to use as bedroom, the other one will be my office/G.I. Joe museum 😊. While we were preparing to put up isolation, we noticed quite some issues with the roof and it was so severe that we have to renew the roof. The works should begin by the end of the month. After that, we can start with isolating and building walls, putting in the wires for lights and outlets, flooring,… A lot of work and a lot of costs, and I may have been stretching my budget to buy new toys quite a bit already. So here I am, waiting to see what new toys are being announced and fearing that I may never be able to have the money for them.

In any case, let’s hope the end of the year will be brighter and healthier than it is right now.

Happy Collecting and YoJoe!

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