Waiting on a few inches more…

Well I’m seeing all these pictures online of people showing off their new 6″ Joe figures. And I’m over here waiting for mine to arrive. I originally ordered the Limited Snake-Eyes version from Zavvi but they canceled my order without giving a reason. I then canceled my other pre-orders from them and found an online shop in the UK (In Demand Toys), that also did pre-orders. So I ordered Duke, Roadblock, Scarlett and Destro with them. Sadly, they didn’t have the Limited Snake-Eyes version on pre-order. Currently, they’re sticking with a shipping date somewhere in August, so I’m hoping to get them around my birthday.

GI Joe Classified Series 6 pouces Série 1 Hasbro

In the mean time, Hasbro has released the regular version of Snake-Eyes through the Hasbro Pulse site, which doesn’t offer international shipping.

G.I. Joe Classified Series Snake Eyes Action Figure

I did manage to persuade one of my US colleagues to initiate the pre-order for me and then ship it over here once it’s available. I don’t really like doing it this way, but it’s looking like this will be the only way I’ll be getting some stuff from the US over here. There’s so many stuff I’d like to buy, but I don’t feel comfortable asking them to ship stuff to me all the time, so occasionally I dare to ask it, but most of the times I just wait on eBay sales or until someone sells it on Facebook or – and this is a very big stretch – some store over here sells it or ships to here (for a reasonable price).

This being said. I’ll see you back soon for the continuation of the Impel Trading Cards or just another update on the collection.

Happy Collecting and YoJoe!


Some great news

I received word today that the Kickstarter I backed a while ago has hit a new milestone. The Larry Hama action figure has finally been produced and the creator is expecting them soon. Hopefully I’ll be getting the figure before my birthday, would be a great gift.

Below is the full text of the update.

user avatar

Bill Murphy – Creator

May 7, 2020


Hey everyone.

Happy to say that production is now complete. The factory is now packing the figures for shipment. They even threw in an extra set of hands with each figure because they wanted to do something nice for the customers given how long it’s taken to get these figures done. The delays were not even their fault but they wanted to do something cause folks have been waiting far too long. 

Here are a couple of images.

We’re working out the shipping logistics now.  Given covid-19 things are a bit messy with the shipping companies, but once we work it out I’ll have a better sense of an eta. 

More soon..



Well it has been a long time, but the team at FMF has kept us all in the loop about the difficult process of the creation of the figure. It will definitely have been worth the wait if you ask me.

See you next time!

Happy Collecting and YoJoe!

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