Quick update

Hi all, I’ve been MIA for almost a month and so I’ve decided to post a quick update on how things are going.

First off, the blog is still receiving some visitors, even tough it has been a month since I’ve posted something. I’ve been off Social Media for a while as well. I do have some new Joe items for the collection and I will get posts out on those soon. Work has been keeping me very busy and at home I’ve been working some more as well. With the living room now done, it’s time to start planning work for the attic… And yes, that means getting all my Joes from storage and onto the attic.

That brings me to a less happy part… We’re having a leak in the garage where I’ve stored all my stuff. Some boxes against one wall were collapsing due to the water damage. I think I’ve found the cause. Our neighbor has some ivy planted against our garage wall facing their garden. I get it, a plain wall is not very nice to look at, but it’s at the corner of their garden and they can’t even see it from their house or terrace. Anyway, the old folks that own the house have passed away, the garden being neglected and the ivy has grown exponentially over the garage, blocking the drains. We’re trying to contact the relatives, but haven’t been able to get in touch with them. I’ve been moving boxes and examining everything in them. So far, the damage isn’t that serious. The boxes are made of sturdy cardboard and have soaked up most of the water. Some books are damaged and several of my vinyl record sleeves have gotten affected by the water as well. Still a few boxes to go, but I’m hopeful and positive that there will be no serious issues. What a relief.

I also got a new phone. The old one was getting really slow and unresponsive and the battery didn’t last over 12h. So I’ve bought a Xiaomi Mi A2. So far I have to say I’m impressed with it. The screen is very sharp, touch is precise, the battery lasts well over a day and the speed is… well, fast. I’m not someone that’s using his phone for hours a day, mostly as GPS in the car and for Spotify or podcasts. At home or the office to make some calls and emails and then some Social Media of course. I didn’t want to spend over half my paycheck on a phone, so for €200, this phone really is bang for buck.

I guess that’s it for now. I have written a bit the past month, both on my story idea and for the blog, so expect something new soon. This quick update has turned out a bit longer than expected. Thanks for sticking around and be sure to keep coming back for more Joe.

Happy Collecting and YoJoe!

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