So a B.A.T. and a Viper walk into an Alley

Bad jokes, there are probably quite a few of them here on the blog. Please, go look for them. I’ve got over 9 years of posts here. I complain a lot in them, at first about the lack of Joe. Later on about the high costs. Next will probably be about how there are a lot of new Joe toys around, but that Hasbro has announced that for the UK and EU, the Classified line will be Pulse Exclusive… And Pulse doesn’t ship to Belgium… Anyway, this post is much more positive.

Those of you that are following me on Socials (go look me up as EuropeanJoes on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) will have seen a certain YouTube video pass by made by the AWESOME people over at

I won’t be commenting on the figures again, I’ve discussed them in previous posts. Safe to say, that I’m just really glad to add 2 more to the collection, even though it was quite accidental, I forget I already pre-ordered them from another store already. I have an Excel sheet where I try to keep track of my orders, but apparently I forgot to enter one. It did get me 2 extra of these amazing figures, so I won’t complain.

Until next time. Happy Collecting and YoJoe!

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