Just a little paperwork

I’ve been enjoying the video/podcast from G.I.Joburg on the Benelux catalog with ultimately the best G.I. Joe photography in the world. The art and photos have been discussed by Paul Panfalone on Plastic Battles (part 1 & 2). I highly recommend to watch/listen to both shows.

Anyways, I was inspired by them and the incredible photography and did some searching. I rediscovered the 1989 G.I. Joe Dossier we got over here in the Benelux. They released 3 of these Dossiers which contain nice pictures of the Action Figures and vehicles on one side and on the back side there was a description similar to the filecards in both Dutch and French. I knew there were 2 sets, but recently I found a 3rd set being offered on a local site. I made a deal with the seller and I’m now the proud owner of the full set of 3 Dossiers.

Get ready for a huge set of photos.

Now that was a whole lot of awesomeness! What’s your favorite image? Let me know in the comments or over the Socials (Twitter, Instagram or Facebook).

See you again soon! Happy Collecting and YoJoe!

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