Pardon my French

Well, I’ve been working from my home office since March and in those 33 weeks, I’ve been expanding my collection with a lot of the new Classified line, the Retro line and Funko Pops. Today however, I have something vintage. And it’s in French.

Yes, it’s the 7″ vinyl of the cartoon’s theme song in French.

Alors, copains & héros, chante avec moi!

No seriously, I didn’t know these even existed until I came across it on a marketplace app. And right on time too, because you can now order the original music on a 12″ full album (see here).

And also vinyl related, Wordburglar will be releasing the amazing Welcome to Cobra Island album on a 12″ as well. The campaign has ended, so if you’re too late, sucks to be you I guess. Grab a digital copy or a cd on bandcamp if you haven’t done so already.

Until next time! Happy Collecting and YoJoe!

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