All hail The Creator

It has been a long time since the Kickstarter project was announced. Production issues, incompetent Chinese businessmen and other issues may have caused a delay, but the team behind Fresh Monkey Fiction worked around and through all the problems to deliver this magnificent figure of Mr. Larry Hama!



They kept us all informed throughout the whole process and always kept the supporters’ best interests at heart. I had seen the figure pop up all over my socials, but living across the Atlantic, I had to wait some more to get the figure in hand. I can tell you now, it was definitely worth the wait. Along with the figure, I got a metal card with the art work imprinted onto it, a signed Trading Card, a Hama’s Grape Soda sticker and an Arashikage cap. The blank space on the back of the card can be used to let Harry sign it on a convention. Something that is very high on my bucket list, but may prove to be impossible…


Now, the original Kickstarter campaign has ended, but there is a new pre-order campaign! Check it out on and get your very own figure! Note that the v2 will be shipped out in Q1 2021 and will have a USS Flagg cap!

Annotation 2020-07-30 151810

This legend needs to be a part of every G.I.Joe collector’s collection!

YoJoe and Happy Collecting!

All hail Larry Hama!

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