Small update

Hi all,

just a short post to keep you posted. The work on the new house is going slowly, it doesn’t help that we’re currently experiencing a short ice age over here as well 🙁

All the tearing down should be done now, we can start rebuilding now. We have had some setbacks, but we shouldn’t have lost to much time so we are still on track for actually moving early April.

Most of my collection is still in boxes in the attic here, I have already moved some boxes to storage. The rest will have to be moved to the new attic or garage for the time being.

All my free time is now allocated to working in the new house. So it may be a while until the next real post is uploaded.

I did get something for my little girls… couldn’t resist. What do you think? Cute right?

Till the next time, Happy Collecting and YoJoe!

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