I’m all out of bubblegum

Well 2016 has started with the addition of one of the 16 original straight arm figures to my collection. Let’s take a moment to welcome Breaker.


My goal for 2016 is not only to share more of my collection via social media (this blog, Twitter and Instagram), but also to collect the original 16 figures (if affordable).

It’s hard to believe that these figures are the same age as me. I won’t judge on who aged better, but I will admit that they don’t really show their age.

Breaker is 100% complete with his helmet, backpack and communications headset. It also came with the original filecard. I did notice that the backpack sits quite loose on the figure, apart from that, the figure is in excellent condition and I am very glad to add him to my collection.

The next phase in my quest will also entail a way to display these figures. For now I just have them standing in an old bookcase, but I am thinking of ways to remodel my Nerd Room and give them the right displays to show them off.

Until the next time.


Happy Collecting and Yo Joe!

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