Controversial decision?

Since you visit this page, I guess you know that in the US and the UK, HasLab ran a fundraiser campaign to sell an updated version of the SkyStriker. I was surprised to see that it was made available for us European fans via Zavvi. I did make the bold decision not to pre-order one with Zavvi. Was that a mistake?

Personally, I don’t think so. Let me explain. First off, I have the original SkyStriker in pretty good shape. Also, the SkyStriker isn’t my favorite vehicle, it’s not even my favorite plane. Then there’s our attic (where I plan to build my Man-Attic to display my Joes) is still not finished, our contractor has huge delays and so we keep waiting on him to come and do his work. I know the plan is for Hasbro to deliver them somewhere in 2023 and the attic should definitely be finished by then, but still, I need to invest in the house first. This leads to the last point, the price. I honestly do think it’s overpriced. I was hoping that they would create something we hadn’t seen yet like the Cobra Transport Helicopter (ASPID). So I was a bit disappointed that they went with the SkyStriker. HasLab should be for something new and special, not for a plane they have released a few times over the years even though they changed it up a bit.

All these reasons have led to my decision not to support the fundraiser. An extra reason is the whole fundraiser thing. Hasbro is a multinational company, they should just release this to the big public through physical stores or even via an own online store. A fundraiser should be used for charity or for startups to gather funds for their idea, not abused by a big company to ensure they don’t make a loss. Put this SkyStriker at a fair price point, maybe with less figures and accessories in stores and I can guarantee you that the fans will buy them.

That’s it for now. The next post will probably be about something I did buy and added to my collection. Until then, Happy Collecting and YoJoe!

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