Darling, it’s better down where it’s wetter…

Yeah, that title is straight out of a Disney movie title song. I swear. Google it!

It is kind of appropriate for the #61 Impel Trading Card we will take a look at today. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Wet-Suit.

Although I was born and raised in a small seaside town, I’m not a huge fan of swimming and diving. So aquatic themed Joes/Cobras and their vehicles don’t rock my boat (pardon the pun). The only exceptions are probably the Cobra BUGG and Hammerhead. How cool are those? Totally non-functional, but boy do they look good.

Back to today’s Joe though, Wet-Suit is a Navy Seal. Best of the best, toughest of the toughest. Obviously, this guy would be a member of the G.I. Joe team. One of my all-time favorite stories is the one told in Special Missions #1. Wet-Suit is part of the team that is sent undercover into the Baltic Sea to extract a Russian defector. The story really pulls you in and the twist at the end is just sublime.

In the cartoons, the most remarkable feature of Wet-Suit is his constant rivalry with Leatherneck, portraying that of Navy vs Marines. I do believe that Wet-Suit entered an Ultimate Fighter kinda tournament, but it was a Cobra scheme. Details are a little foggy, I need to rewatch the Sunbow series again pretty soon.

As far as the figures go, I only have the v4 from 1993 out of the 12 figures made. The bright orange and black design does look quite good. As for the other figures, well, like I said, the nautical thing doesn’t really do it for me, so I’m not actively looking to add more divers to my Joe collection, but that doesn’t mean, I’ll let them sink 🙂 Maybe when I get my very own USS Flagg, I’ll add more water Joes to my collection. That’s right, it says ‘when’, not ‘if’. Positive thinking people!

Before I leave you remembering someone that looked better in a wetsuit than Wet-Suit. Don’t get too enthusiastic or overzealous for the next post…

Now, as promised, Miss Lara Croft sporting a wetsuit.

Happy Collecting and YoJoe!

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