The one that got away

This post could have easily come 5 years ago, when I had visited the Forbidden Planet store on Shaftesbury Avenue for the last time. I nearly bought a big set of G.I. Joe toys there, but I was with the train and limited in luggage space. That and it was the last day of our city trip and all my GBP’s were gone. Needless to say that I was seriously doubting to pull out the MasterCard, but my head won from my heart and so I settled for some new comic books.

Flashforward to September 2021 and here we are. As I’m writing this, you’ll need an international passport to travel to London from Belgium as a result of Brexit. So I didn’t go to London to pick it up, but I can say that finally I was able to score this set – quite affordable as well, since prices have done nothing but go up since 2016. Very glad to add the 2016 SDCC Exclusive G.I. JOE VS Transformers boxset.

It’s a BIG box.

It has to be a big box as not only does it contain a Scarlett and a Zartan figure, but it also has a H.I.S.S. Tank and a Rattler. Both vehicles are meant to be Transformers, though of course, they are just the original G.I. Joe molds without any transforming capabilities. The H.I.S.S. tank is the Decepticon Soundwave and has allied himself with Zartan (and Cobra I guess). The Rattler, is the Autobot Powerglide and has sided with Scarlett and the Joes.

Zartan and Soundwave

The H.I.S.S. mold is not the original one, but the 2005 model. The same mold was then re-used in 2014 to create the Septic Tank Mark II. As for the Zartan figure, that’s already the 23rd iteration of the figure. Ever since his original figure in 1984, his looks have changed quite a bit. Remember the 1993 figure? Yeah, I’m trying to forget that one. This figure though is more true to his original look. With the hood and facial make-up. His costume is a combination of black and grey this time and he came with webgear, armored chest plate, 2 guns and 2 swords. But also with some extra heads, including Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes’s head.

Scarlett and Powerglide

The Rattler mold used for Powerglide is still the original one used way back in 1984, which has seen plenty or re-usages over time. In 1998 and 2009 as the Tiger-Rat, in 1997 as the A-10 Thunderbolt and twice – in 2002 (the gold one) and 2008 – as just another Rattler. I actually got the 2002 model myself, bought it in a physical store here in Belgium. Can you believe it?

The Scarlett figure is only the 15th version since 1982. She comes equipped with her web gear, quiver and crossbow. In stark contrast with the black and grey from the Zartan figure, Scarlett is bright. The colors are all there reminiscent of her classic look, but the her red hair is blindingly orange and the yellow tones on her suit and boots are way too bright as well. Just as her lips, that cherry chapstick red is visible from miles away.

All things considered, this really is a very nice set and I’m very glad I can finally add it to my collection.

Thanks for your time and I will see you soon again with more news. Until then, Happy Collecting and YoJoe!

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