I have a GIANT new addition to my collection

Hi all,

a quick update on my collection. I’ve got something new, as an early birthday present. It’s kind of  BIG deal. No LARGE introduction for this post. Just my HUGE excitement for adding this figure to my collection.

The Gentle Giant Snake Eyes figure!

How awesome is this? Okay, the plastic got a bit banged up during transport, but I’m really glad I’ve been able to find this one – and affordable at that – here in Europe. As soon as I get my new Joe room set up, this is getting a prominent place in it.

I would love to get a picture of the original 1982 Snake Eyes next to it, but that figure hasn’t made it into my collection yet. If you have one to spare, my birthday is coming up 🙂

Until next time!

Happy Collecting and YoJoe!

G.I’m old

Hi all.

35 years ago, the battle between Cobra and G.I Joe began. And I was born.

I’m still looking for the USS Flagg, if anyone would want to send me a gift 🙂 Or this shirt in a size M or basically anything Joe related is welcome.

I have a few items up on the Shop page. Go check them out and help me get some money to spend on new and old Joes…

Until next time.

Happy collecting and Yojoe!

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