Post con disappointments and some hope

Just a short post this time about the Joecon of last week. I followed it from afar, not being able to go. It’s on my bucket list, but since next year will probably be the last one, I guess it won’t be for me.

It’s sad to hear that no new Joe toys will be available in stores this year and next year. Not that any of those would make it over the Atlantic, but still, it would have been nice to see fellow collectors boast on Instagram 🙂

There will be a new FSS from the club, but the price of those are too high for a lot of US collectors, and if I want to buy them, I’d have to pay double to pay for shipping and customs. Crystal Ball does sound interesting though.

I am excited for the new subscription figure, Rock & Roll (v2). It was one of my favorite figures as a kid with his impressive Gatling guns. Another exciting prospect is the 2017 SDCC exclusive, the re-release of the Cobra Missile Command Headquarters. Being priced at around $54, I’m hoping to get this one pretty cheap to Belgium. It worked for the Kre-O set from 2015 with Sgt. Slaughter and his Marauders and Destro with the Iron Grenadiers (and Voltar and Darklon). I actually have 2 of those, one for display and one to keep MISB.

I don’t know what the future has in store for us (is there even a future to look forward too?), but I try to keep positive. Personally, I’d like to see a new cartoon series, maybe a second season of Renegades? Some new toys and not just repainted old models, but some newly designed vehicles. And lastly, I would really like a decent game released of G.I.Joe. I know we have the vehicles in the Micro Machines racing game, but a First Person Shooter or an Adventure game would be fantastic.

FANtastic… I guess that’s what we are, the collectors. Die hard fans who like their Joes, the memories, the battles, hell, even the struggles of getting that one thing into your collection. I wouldn’t want to miss that. Keep the Joes alive!

Happy collecting and YoJoe!

One thought on “Post con disappointments and some hope”

  1. I agree about there being disappointment but also staying positive through the down time. G.I. Joe has been on hiatus several times before and managed to come back, so hopefully the same thing will happen again. I’m also hoping I can get the SDCC exclusive when it becomes available online. I’ve never bought an SDCC exclusive before, but I hope it doesn’t sell out too fast, leaving many fans out.

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