Goint to try something new(ish)

A few years ago (when the USD-EUR exchange rate and the shipping costs were still favorable) I happened to purchase some G.I. Joe figures from a web shop I can’t remember. Anyway, while browsing for other bargains, I encountered the 2004 Wizard of the Coast’s G.I. Joe Trading Card Game Starter Pack and booster packs. Having played my share of Magic: The Gathering, I was drawn to the idea of playing a card game featuring the Joes and Cobra’s. So I ended up buying 2 Starter Packs and several booster packs, both from the first series and the Armored Strike Expansion Set. I still had my Ultra-Pro binder and inserts and soon my Magic cards were replaced by the G.I.Joe cards.


Naturally, I didn’t get the complete set of these cards with all the booster packs I ordered. See my other post on that if you have any lying around that need a new home 🙂 I have found that these cards loose are rather rare to find and that the asking prices can get very high ($ 50 for one card – seriously?). So I went back on a Google spree and I soon discovered that there were other Trading cards released and naturally my collector spirit came knocking and I was looking to buy what I could find…

The first full set of Trading Cards I was able to aquire for a decent amount, was the 1991 Impel set. I bought a full set through an eBayer, but upon arrival, it appeared that one card was not in the set. Card 132 (Dusty) to be precise. I asked the seller if this was correct and he sent me the missing card free of charge within one week! eBaying as it should be 🙂


I have recently been trying to expand my collection again (New Year’s resolutions and all) and completing my Trading Cards is high up on the priority list. I have purchased the 1987 Comic Images set and the 2013 Retaliation set (I know, Retaliation, but hey, I said I have a big collector spirit).

Okay, so after this somewhat long introduction… THE NEWS!

I will post and discuss all the Trading Cards I have in my collection, starting with the Impel set. I’ll launch a post about the cards about once a week, maybe more if this picks up some audience. So spread the word and follow my blog!


For now, happy collecting and YoJoe!

2 thoughts on “Goint to try something new(ish)”

  1. Great idea! I collected the Impel cards in the 90s. Never thought of covering them. I’m glad to see another active Joe blog! Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks Rob! Your blog has been a great inspiration for me and I hope someday to be as good and to be able to post something every day as well. Happy collecting and YOJOE!

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