Finally another 50th figure

Hi all,

I received the 3-packs from the 50th line from a colleague who went to New York earlier this year. (see my previous post)

But apart from those figures, I hadn’t found the time (or money :-)) to buy some other figures. Recently I rediscovered eBay and noticed that the prices are really getting back to normal (or at least affordable).

Last year, I bought several figures on eBay, but since then I only saw the prices rise and didn’t buy anything.

Since that seems to have changed now, I’m ordering again. Not only the new Joes, but also some vintage stuff. More on that soon (I hope, depending on the post doing their job).


So here it is, my first new purchase, the 50th Snow Job.IMG_20151215_163151


I’ll be back with more new additions to my collection when they arrive. I’ll also try and take some pictures from the Nerd Room, but that room needs some cleaning and organizing first 🙂


Happy Collecting!

Happy Holidays!


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