Kre-o presentation

Hi all,

for the time being my Kre-o’s have been stuck in a Detolf cabinet, but the collection has been growing so that I will need to add some extra shelves to it. I found some ideas on the interwebs already on how to do that and as soon as I can physically get near the figures again (see my previous post), I’ll start on that.

For now, I want to share this great idea from Ikeahackers. Check it out:

I think it will look great to have a G.I. Joe and Cobra frame on the wall πŸ™‚

See you soon!

Took a while, but here’s an update

Hi all,

It’s been longer than I tought it would be, but there is a new baby on the way and my Man Attic is stuffed with everything that was supposed to go on our regular attic. The regular attic is being transformed in a bedroom for my eldest daughter and so the room had to be cleared out. And with no extra space available, the Man Attic was filled to the brim with boxes and stuff.

I have been collecting though. My K-reo collection is almost complete, with the Terror Drome and Ninja Dojo still in the box, but I’m itching to get building.

The 3 3/4″ Joes collection has not really been growing, I did order some carded figures online about a week ago, but they haven’t arrived yet.

I’ve made up a plan for the remodeling of the Man Attic. That means getting rid of some stuff I have been holding on to, but it is necessary to make more space for my Joes and vintage game consoles. I’ve decided to stop collecting other comics (only The Walking Dead and anything Joe related will remain) and my book collection will also be slimmed down to a few all time favourites.

When the regular attic is morphed into a bedroom and the storage part of the attic is cleared, I’ll start working in the Man Attic and posting some pictures.


Keep you posted (and this time it won’t take so long πŸ™‚ )

Kre-o landed in Belgium

Hi all,

I’ve had some trouble getting the G.I. Joe kre-o sets in Belgium, but eventually I succeeded in getting all the sets. If anybody can help me get the bagged kreons… just post a reply or send me a mail or a tweet πŸ™‚

Bitten by the building bug, I’ve been looking at other (building) toys to add to my G.I. Joe collection. The first obvious choice is LEGO, but I didn’t really find something that would fit. So the second brand is Kre-O itself. The Transformers sets are pretty cool, but I’m not into that reality, so my choice fell on the Kre-O Battleship sets. I had been looking around, but the prices were still quite high (min. €20 – $26 per box). But then… I walked into my local ActionΒ store (it’s a store that sells office supplies, kitchen aid tools, toys, food, … you name it, they probably have it) and I browsed past the toys section (they once had some Joes on sale). My eyes fell on these sets:

Chopper Air Assault Stryker


Each of these were on sale for a little €6 ($ 7.5)! They will make a great addition to my collection. The aliens are not exactly B.A.T.’s, but hey, the vehicles are quite cool and the generic humans can be used as Greenshirts πŸ™‚

All I need to do know is get them build and find a place to create a great dio or display… Keep you posted!

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