I’m all out of bubblegum

Well 2016 has started with the addition of one of the 16 original straight arm figures to my collection. Let’s take a moment to welcome Breaker.


My goal for 2016 is not only to share more of my collection via social media (this blog, Twitter and Instagram), but also to collect the original 16 figures (if affordable).

It’s hard to believe that these figures are the same age as me. I won’t judge on who aged better, but I will admit that they don’t really show their age.

Breaker is 100% complete with his helmet, backpack and communications headset. It also came with the original filecard. I did notice that the backpack sits quite loose on the figure, apart from that, the figure is in excellent condition and I am very glad to add him to my collection.

The next phase in my quest will also entail a way to display these figures. For now I just have them standing in an old bookcase, but I am thinking of ways to remodel my Nerd Room and give them the right displays to show them off.

Until the next time.


Happy Collecting and Yo Joe!

Mail day


This package arrived today. Another eBay purchase, great packaging and arriving before the date the seller said.

Inside are these…


I’m very glad to add more recent figures to my collection, but I have to say I’m a little underwhelmed. The other recent figures I have, are all still on the card. So these are the first loose ones I bought. Maybe it’s because I still look at the vintage Joes with the eyes of a 6 year old, but these new figures feel flimsy and cheaper than the vintage ones.

Even though I have my doubts about the new figures, I’m still happy to keep on expanding my collection.

I did however, buy some more vintage Joes on eBay that should be arriving next year…

Action Force Battle Tank

Hi all,

a bit of history first. As I mentioned in previous posts, I started collecting G.I. Joe in 1987 (they were called just toys back then). Although the UK is only 85 miles (at a glance) from here (about 60 miles of those would be water), I never owned a piece of Action Force. Since I’m focusing back on collecting again and have been rummaging eBay and other sites recently, this had to change. And I can say I scored a big one right from the start.

I found the Battle Tank on eBay for a very reasonable price. The stickers aren’t really where they should be, but they are in good condition and the gun tip is missing (if anybody has a spare one lying around, let me know).  I also noticed that the battery compartment is showing a bit of corrosion, but I don’t have any batteries to test it right now. Overall the vehicle is in good shape and I’m glad I can add it to my collection.

Let me know what you think!

P.S. I’ve bought some more stuff that is due to arrive soon, so keep a look out on my blog and follow me on Twitter.

Finally another 50th figure

Hi all,

I received the 3-packs from the 50th line from a colleague who went to New York earlier this year. (see my previous post)

But apart from those figures, I hadn’t found the time (or money :-)) to buy some other figures. Recently I rediscovered eBay and noticed that the prices are really getting back to normal (or at least affordable).

Last year, I bought several figures on eBay, but since then I only saw the prices rise and didn’t buy anything.

Since that seems to have changed now, I’m ordering again. Not only the new Joes, but also some vintage stuff. More on that soon (I hope, depending on the post doing their job).


So here it is, my first new purchase, the 50th Snow Job.IMG_20151215_163151


I’ll be back with more new additions to my collection when they arrive. I’ll also try and take some pictures from the Nerd Room, but that room needs some cleaning and organizing first 🙂


Happy Collecting!

Happy Holidays!